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Our Precious Children

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

This commentary is in relation to the documentary:

When people realize that the child trafficking, abductions and child abuse that is incomprehensible to imagine, has been going on for 100's of years, it may well be almost impossible to process the extent of what is going on.

Over the centuries those who perpetrate this were able to swaddle their crimes against children in coverups by colluding with corrupt, severely corrupt, law enforcement, judges, those in “child protective services” and all of this crime is supported by corrupt local, state and federal governments.

In my opinion the government department that is supposed to be Child Protective Services is a haven for child traffickers, pedophiles and many evil criminals and along with the agencies such FBI, DHS, CIA, DOJ, DOD, etc, are all involved in this trafficking, and these must be cleaned out top to bottom.

There are too many amongst us who do not understand that there are people, pretending to be humans with souls, who will do ANYTHING, including selling their souls if they have a soul, for money.

So abducting and selling a child into slavery of any kind is just a payday to them. Over the centuries this was at times “lawfully” allowed, at levels where the common folk had no say in what was perpetrated, and in the US this was supposed to be eradicated but our governments but these latter institutions are so corrupt and cannot be trusted.

When the common folk took a stand against the abuse of children, child labor, slavery of children, kidnapping, and more, it was supposedly over time eradicated but all that happened is that those in power spoke falsely to the common folk to calm the call for justice, and then pushed it underground, and now it happens behind closed doors and in secret and is more prevalent than it was before.

Child traffickers will do literally ANYTHING - they will kill, kidnap, abuse, traffic children (and adults) for money or any other thing they crave. And then there are those who will pay ANYTHING to buy a child for the sole purpose of abuse, and often the most horrendous, difficult to imagine abuse because they are perverted, twisted and evil.

These evil criminals, regardless of where they find themselves in this hierarchy of evil, must be wiped from existence and for that we have the host of Lord who stands with us.

Archangel Michael and all the Archangels in the service of our God, and all the legions of angels in the service of our God, Jesus and all the saints of heaven, stand ready to support us but we must pray and make the calls for God’s help.

So this is a call to all prayer warriors - make the call, pray, bend the knee to God and pray, and call for the exposure and God’s judgement of the hordes who are perpetrating evil on our children, and call for the protection of ALL children everywhere, pray for those who are lost and missing, that they be found. Pray for healing of those who are and have been abused, that they may be whole, pray for ever vigilant protection of those who are in the care of loving parents, grand parents, caregivers that they will remain in that safety, securely and protected.

Pray unceasingly!! so that our Lord God can answer our prayers. And when you are moved to action, be a voice for the children, research, investigate, expose, but do not give in to perpetrating violence but take a stand so that evil is eradicated.

Pray, pray and then pray more. With the power of the Word we can be the hands and feet for our God, and with heaven beside, and all around us, we can move heaven and earth to bring justice into this material world for ALL our children.


and be READY FOR THE CALL of our GOD!

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