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[vaccines] Opinion piece: Irresponsible Medical Professionals

In this post I share an email I sent to a paediatrician who delivers a podcast series related to "good parenting". I was introduced to the podcast by a friend who now has two small children and she and her husband are doing what they believe is their due diligence to provide their children with the best possible love and care as they raise them.

However at the first episode I selected to listen to I made a 180 after reading the description of the episode. The following text is my opinion based on my research.

Here is the text of my email:


A good friend of mine sent me a link to your podcast on immunization and I must say I looked forward to listening to it however decided to not bother based on the text descriptions that you included:


Dr. Meg talks with Dr. Candice Robinson about your kids and the importance of having them immunized!


I find it interesting that you interviewed a doctor who is employed at the CDC - the very government organization that is pushing a vaccine schedule on our children that, just in the number of doses, is already unsafe, a complete OVERLOAD. Your description discusses immunizations and how important it is to immunize however you omit to state that the interview with Dr Robinson is focused on the HPV vaccine which comes in the form of Gardasil which carries as a side-effect, death!

And from data collection done through the VAERS database it has been noted that the HPV vaccines, when given with or within a short period of the patient receiving other vaccines - particularly the meningococcal vaccine - have been the cause of other serious illnesses, including death, which would not have occurred had the HPV vaccine not been administered.

As a pediatrician you really should be more responsible in the reporting that you do - parents are listening to your podcast and assuming that you are an expert on the topics that cover, but I have a feeling that you have little to ZERO knowledge of exactly what is in the vaccines you provide to your patients and that you broadcast about on your podcasts.

And let's get back to the interview with Dr Robinson - how much more biased can you get? Where is true reporting on immunizations? Why did you not discuss the incredible long and very serious list of side effects of the HPV vaccines?? And if this is your push on HPV vaccine, how much are you pushing vaccines on newborn babies, toddlers and little children who can be seriously injured by vaccines?

Are you doing your due diligence to ensure that the children in your practice are receiving comprehensive health checks, checking their history, doing tests to ensure that their immune systems are developing normally and strongly so that when you dump the toxic chemical concoctions filled with high levels of chemicals such as (and this only FOUR of the many!

  • formaldehyde - formaldehyde is listed as "known to be a human carcinogen.”; yes, it is found in minuscule amounts in the human body in a form the body can easily manage and so the statement by the CDC /FDA that adding to the quantity already in children’s bodies is OK - considering tat it is dumped directly into the child’s bloodstream where the body has not self-defense mechanism because the vaccine has bypassed the body’s natural defenses children are serious compromised by this chemical, as with the others listed below.

  • aluminum hydroxide - a chemical which is recommended to treat symptoms of too much stomach acid, and to be taken orally; is known to have serious interactions when taken ORALLY with at least 26 different drugs - YET we allow this be dumped directly into the blood streams of babies and toddlers where their bodies have no defense to try and reduce the serious and very harmful effect on them;

  • sodium chloride - Sodium Chloride IV Infusion is used for treatment of fluid loss and to restore sodium chloride balance. It is used in the treatment of patients who are unable to take fluids and nutrients by mouth. It is also used for dilution of other medicines before injection into the body. Do you honestly think this is a good chemical to dump into the bodies of babies and toddlers?

  • polysorbate 80 - D) WITH POISONING/EXPOSURE 1) MILD TO MODERATE TOXICITY: The most common effects are skin, mucosal and eye irritation. Vomiting and diarrhea may occur, but are usually self-limited. 2) SEVERE TOXICITY: Aspiration can cause upper airway irritation and respiratory distress, most often in young children. OR

  • /SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS/ Polysorbates are widely used in cosmetics, food products, and oral, parenteral, and topical pharmaceutical formulations, and are generally regarded as nontoxic and nonirritant materials. There have, however, been occasional reports of hypersensitivity to polysorbates following their topical and intramuscular use. Polysorbates have also been associated with serious adverse effects, including some deaths, in low birthweight infants intravenously administered a vitamin E preparation containing a mixture of polysorbates 20 and 80.

And there are many many more vaccine ingredients that are being injected into our children from hours after birth & now into adulthood, and even pregnant women are now being injected with toxic chemical concoctions and we wonder why does America have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world??!!!

None of these vaccines have been properly tested as is required with every other drug that comes onto the market? Why is that?? How is it that the medical profession, that is supposed to keep us and our children healthy and safe from harmful medications, are not taking a serious stand against the pharmaceutical companies and demanding better treatment of our children??

Mothers are poisoned and subsequently babies are poisoned with vaccines now administered during pregnancy - mothers go into distress with toxemia and the medical field throw their hands up and ask why are so many women in later term pregnancies suddenly going from healthy and robust to, in some cases seriously ill, to the extent where women are being told the baby they carry is making them ill and should be aborted!!!

Here again the babies receive the doses of chemicals directly into their blood from the mother and we wonder why America has such a high newborn mortality rate?

We are supposed to be a first world country, we have some of the most advanced technology and science on our side in this country, yet we are ok with the poisoning of our babies, now from within the womb all through adulthood?? What is wrong with that picture??

It is my belief that doctors such as yourself who have NOT done your homework, who have not done their due diligence and probably do not ensure that parents are correctly and explicitly informed of the dangers and the content of vaccines, are responsible for the injuries experienced by children.

When did it become common and good practice to see all children as cut outs - carbon copies of one another instead of unique individuals with unique DNA, body structure, chemical compositions, and unique needs?

Why would doctors such as yourself not do your homework and stand up against pharmaceutical companies?

Why would you NOT require independent safety studies on vaccines, why would you NOT push for truly SAFE vaccines without all the toxic chemicals being pumped into their little bodies often with cumulative dosages that far overreach the standard safety recommendations on MSDS data provided by chemical manufacturers??

What are you gaining from your push to vaccinate children with the chemical concoctions being given to our children in the name of their good health?

Is it that children are intentionally being harmed to have weakened immune systems so that doctors are guaranteed of ongoing revenue because the children are constantly sick with ear infections, respiratory weakness, allergies, and the list goes on?

When will the medical profession stand up against the pharmaceutical industry and honor their oath of keeping patients healthy?

As you can see I am passionate about the protection of our children, and raising healthy and whole children and with vaccines the way they are now, this is not what is happening for our children - and it is a disgrace, a travesty that in years to come we will look back on and hang our heads in shame that more was not done to protect our children against companies driven solely by the profit line and I venture that applies to too many doctors as well.

It is my hope that you will wake up to the harm vaccines are doing when they should be helping our children in times when there are serious outbreaks of disease - the way that the majority of children suffer from weakened to severely broken immune systems when they are seriously vulnerable.

Please wake up and get back to truly caring for your patients again.


I invite and welcome your comments. You are welcome to dispute any of what is stated, however when you do be sure to support your "facts" with explicit and shareable reference material. Please do not post comments filled with expletives, hate and insults, especially if you cannot support your claims with factual references.

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