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[vaccines] The Modern Day Dilemma?

The Truth Will Out!!

Over the years since I had my children, and they went through their short series of baby vaccinations, there have been a lot of controversial changes made to the content of vaccinations and the incredible breakthrough that was vaccinations somehow seems to have been lost for the most part in the translation when huge profit making pharmaceutical companies got involved.

As a mother and now grandmother, I agree in principle that vaccinations are intended to protect our babies and young, school going children from potentially fatal diseases.

A Short Story

My second son contracted measles even though he'd had the measles vaccination. He was 18 months old at the time and it is a miracle that he survived. The medical team told us that his measles rash had turned into his lungs instead of out onto his skin and that this was an extremely rare conditions at that time and could be fatal. Not what you tell a young mother!

We were on holiday at the time, far away from home, and the hospital that diagnosed the measles and the resulting severity of the condition would not admit my son for hospitalized care as they had no quarantine facilities. This was back in 1983 in South Africa.

I was given instructions on how to care for my son, how to keep his fever down, given some over the counter medication to aid with fever reduction, told to ensure his intake of liquids was kept up, and sent on our way.

For approximately the next 10 days, I held my son on my lap 24 hours a day. His fever was so high and his little body so hot that the skin on his cheeks started to crack and bleed. He was in pain but so ill that he did not even cry. I cooled him with buckets of cold water and I held him virtually 24 hours a day, and when I went to take a shower or use the bathroom, his dad would hold him, and then he would whimper for me so I would rush through my ablutions.

I slept in a chair holding him because it seemed that when I held him he felt better, he breathed easier and he could sleep more peacefully. It was heartbreaking to watch my baby suffer but he pulled through and fought off the disease and today he is a beautiful adult man in his mid thirties and recently made me a very happy grandmother.

The point of sharing this story with you is just that: sharing one story.

My son had his measles vaccination, but still got ill. It is rare but it happens. I dare say that back in the early 1980's with my two older sons, and early 1990's with my third baby, the vaccinations that our children were given, especially in South Africa, delivered what they were intended to.

And that is part of the point I want to make here today. There has been a lot of screaming and name calling about anti-vaccine documentaries and articles and research quoted, and the most unfortunate thing I have noticed in all of this is that most of name calling and screaming comes from the camp who insist that children should (MUST) be vaccinated.

After much research and understanding from years as a parent about what vaccines are and are not, I stand on the side of caution and believe that it is the innate right of parents to determine what is injected into the bodies of their children.

No, I do not have a scientific or medical degree obtained from some saluted University. My degree is in motherhood and instinct and my innate belief in Mother Nature's natural healing provisions, and yes, I am absolutely aware that there are many who will scoff and make faces and leave rude comments.

My Stand On Vaccines

All this aside, let me state my stand - I agree that vaccines are supposed to protect our babies and young children and in some cases our elderly, however I question whether this is the intended result sought by pharmaceutical companies and federal and state government bodies?

Vaccines have become one of the only consumer products sold in the U.S. that we are mandated by law to purchase? Why?

Laws such as California’s SB277 which passed in 2015, took away all exemptions and leaves the California State government in control over our children’s bodies, not parents.

There's something wrong with this picture!

In 2015, the Pharmaceutical industry spent 238 million dollars lobbying for new laws and products? Why?

I question why the United States Congress felt the need to create a law that protects the manufacturers of vaccines in the United States.

And I question why the US Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program if everyone is so absolutely certain that all vaccines are safe?

And I question why the need to overdose our children supposedly for their own protection if vaccines are so effective?

The program was established by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), passed by the United States Congress in response to a threat to the vaccine supply due to a 1980s scare over the DPT vaccine.

And I question why the hysteria when an unvaccinated child contracts measles? Surely considering that vaccines are so effective, none of the vaccinated children will get measles?

When you watch the documentary VAXXED, Dr. Andrew Wakefield states clearly that he agrees the individual vaccinations of Measles, Mumps and Rubella should be given to our children as side effects were rare. The combination vaccine of MMR, which is discussed in the documentary, is where the problem lies.

Yet the documentary has been lambasted by those who are getting rich at the expense of our children! Because they know the facts will eventually prove that vaccines are extremely detrimental to the health of our children. Only the vaccines that are free of the toxic chemical concoctions that make up today's vaccines, will be of any use.

Evidence indicates that no proper research has been done on the safety of the combination of ingredients from the three individual vaccinations. No research has been done with proper placebo to truly test the effectiveness.

The human body is a wonderful and complex system of systems. We also know that a your body reacts differently to certain medications, food, cosmetics, cleaning materials, pollen, etc. to for example my body.

Some adults are now known to have severe chemical sensitivity and certain medications and common household cleaners can cause severe reactions.

Why is it that we understand and know this about adults, but we ignore this with our children, with our babies?

It is a fact that the children in the United States are the most vaccinated children in the world. Why? Why is it necessary that a baby between birth and 18 months receives 36 (THIRTY SIX) vaccines! (at the time of researching this there are suggestions in the pipeline to increase the dosage)

Come on! Any logical thinking person or parent should question this!!

And please do not take my word for it! CLICK HERE for the Infant Vaccine Schedule directly from the CDC.

Why is there not a test kit or methodology, similar to the allergy test kits and methodologies for example, to ascertain whether a child could have a mild or severe and adverse reaction to a vaccine? Why not?

Because that would reduce the profits pharmaceutical companies make on the actual vaccine. If a test is done that shows a child has a reaction to the ingredients of a certain vaccine which would make administering that vaccine a health hazard, the pharmaceutical companies may be required to produce vaccines with alternative ingredients that reduce the risk of reaction and that is safer.

This will not be desirable as it will cut into the hefty profits pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and paediatricians / general practitioners make on the volume of administered vaccines.


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