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[give life] All Out War On Our Own People?

It is becoming an alarming and known fact that the US population, civilian and military, is becoming one of the sickest (if not the all out sickest) population on the planet.

It seems that the intention is that if the population culling is too slow through the practice of abortion then other methods will be implemented, made into laws and thus forced on people who are too lazy too think for themselves and far too quick to sink into the morass of hysteria so popularized by the mainstream media.

My question, after watching this documentary, is how much in pocket compensation has the military leaders and Bill Clinton and his administration received for pushing the anthrax vaccine?

And how has the ethics been justified for testing a vaccine, that has no scientific safety data supporting it and that is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company that is owned by someone who is not even friendly to this country, on the soldiers who want nothing more than to serve their country?

The United States of America government, federal and state, and its military leaders, business leaders, leaders in the fields of science and medicine, seem to be in an all-out war against the population of the United state, both civilian and military - the people who hold this country up. It is time for change, serious change in leadership and serious change in the way that people continue to just sit back and allow the

When did the US go from being all about freedom to a dictatorship that forces civilians and soldiers to be injected with experimental, toxic cocktails against their will? Why is it that we have all the legal status and freedom to choose to kill unborn children however our freedom to choose whether to be vaccinated or not is completely and absolutely denied, in the military and now in states such as California?

At the time of this writing all 50 states in the US have mandatory vaccine schedules for students. Some states have removed exemptions, so unless you homeschool your child(ren), your children have to receive the mandatory vaccines.

What happened to that American dream of "freedom"?

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