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[give life] Child Sacrifice (Ancient Societies)

Today's article: "What made this ancient society sacrifice its own children", published in the National Geographic by author Kristin Romey, brought a host of questions to my mind.

It seems this practice has been around for at least as long as we can go back in recorded. In discoveries and recoveries made in our modern era, it seems that it has been much longer than just recorded history.

And though people today stand horrified at the thought of what was done to children in ancient societies, we continue the practice with even more fervour today. We have just found seemingly more acceptable language to cover up our crimes against children and have devised many different ways to continue this practice in "private" so that we are not burned at the stake of public opinion for our atrocities.

Child sacrifice in the United States alone include (in my opinion) the following:

  1. A vaccine schedule that in some cases is condemning our children to lives lived inside brains and bodies that are broken, riddled in pain and susceptible to ailments and illnesses that few are able to identify, let alone treat, and in some cases kills children within hours of receiving the vaccination.

  2. The practice of abortion (and my focus is only on the United States for this article), is available to any women who feels it is her right to have unprotected sex, whenever, however and without regard for the consequences, which invariably means their right to freely engage in sexual enterprise provides them with the freedom to kill.

  3. Hospitals that refuse treatment for children, regardless of the child's age and illness, when the hospital deems the treatment cost does not warrant the child to be treated and given life.

  4. Child abuse and trafficking - children are being sold into slavery, often by their parents, who are struggling to make ends meet (this is not justification and not a valid excuse), or abducted in broad daylight by those who run lucrative businesses from child trafficking.

*** Updates to follow ****

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