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[give life] Child Sacrifice

Mankind has a lot to answer for. ​​​

Children in the womb who are killed through suffocation, dismemberment and other methods of the abortion machine should not be held accountable or responsible for the extreme violence & death culture consciousness that the supposed thinking class of today's society continue to perpetrate.

Animal and Plant life that is close to extinction is the responsibility of those who received the gift of life and who are intellectually developed to understand that ALL LIFE is precious!

Children, all children, deserve better, way better, than the deal they are given and should never be brushed aside with excuses-the kind of excuses that we think makes us more favorable in the eyes of the world.

The children are after-all the future leaders of nations, the future generations who will be picking up the shards that we in our nonsensical inconsiderate ways have left strewn across this planet and the consciousness of the masses.

We continue to turn a blind eye to the killing, this genocide of human babies and then we wonder why our youth are so angry, so conflicted, so with tendencies towards violence, often extreme, of their own.

How would we answer simple questions 2 or 3 generations from now when society then looks back at this era and ask "What were you thinking?!! How could you have been OK with the culling of the human race? How could the entire human race stand by and watch while babies were slaughtered in the name of …. what?!! Choice?

Choice begins and ends with the first action.

How can we stand in condemnation of Hitler and other similar dictator who slaughtered thousands and millions of people, when what we are doing to our babies trapped in the womb is far worse, so much worse?!

How is there any possible justification for the continued genocide of babies?

Choosing to kill another human has never been an acceptable norm in our society until we overrode God's Law of not killing and decided we knew better and in the process decided that babies in the womb are not human enough, not person enough, not worthy of life enough to be allowed to be born unless we say so, not worthy of life until our corrupt legal system determines that babies are worthy.

When will we grow up enough in our human consciousness and spiritually to understand that the killing of babies in the womb, and now even once they have been born, is not acceptable and that this bloodstain on the fabric of our so-called civilized society will never fade. Generations of humans will look at this hour in time on this planet, this era, in horror and we will be burdened with this one act, this atrocious practice for millennia.

There is no justification now and there never will be any justification for the killing of babies, ever! We are very much in a cyclic return to the time of Moloch - you would think that by now we have learned that actions have consequences and the prize consequence for the atrocity of abortion is something this generation of decision makers and supporters will carry for a very, very long time, potentially many lifetimes to come.


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