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Lets look at ... (a topic series)

In this series of posts I take a look at abortion and stands such as pro-choice and pro-life.

Be forewarned >>> you may not like what I write, however I encourage you to read, re-read and then read again, then research the information I share and then post your comments.

Also be forewarned, that every opinion expressed is my own, and though you may not agree with what I write, and are welcome to post your comments, I do not tolerate bad language. If you find contradictory resources to the ones I use, you are welcome to link to those in your comments - ALL COMMENTS WILL BE MODERATED.

With all that said, I invite you to follow the series and provide your feedback and comments - the first post will be live on or around January 31st.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in the series.

  • What is abortion?

  • What does the practice involve?

  • Who provides abortion services?

  • What types of abortion are available and at what stage of the pregnancy?

  • What happens to the woman - before, during and after an abortion?

  • What happens to the baby - before, during and after an abortion?

  • What are the legal issues surrounding abortion?

  • What are a woman's options in place of abortion?

  • What are the statistics that support or condemn abortion?

  • What is child sacrifice?

  • and more ....

I plan to also do interviews with woman who have had abortions or plan to have abortions, and with woman who were encouraged to have abortions, but chose life for their child.

Here at the outset of this series, for the sake of full disclosure, I state unequivocally that I am against abortion in all its forms.

Some of the material I share in this series may not be suitable for sensitive individuals and this include the information, the images and the resource material posted, so I suggest you get clear on whether you want to delve into this material.

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