Accidental Pregnancy?

My question, to the men, women and organizations who push abortion because it is, in their opinion, the best solution for an "accidental pregnancy", is this: how does a woman accidentally become pregnant?

The first time I read the term "accidental pregnancy" was where it was given as the reason men were relieved when their partner had an abortion. She accidentally got pregnant and they, the young men, were to young to have the responsibility of a child.

Pity that neither the boy or the girl even considered that they were, in fact, way too immature to even consider having sex because procreation is the natural consequence of sexual intercourse. It is not a matter of being too young because there are young people who are wise, mature and

The accident is not pregnancy. The accident, in fact the horrific crash that occurred, was two people coming together without any forethought or consideration for the life they may create. The child created through that act of intercourse is not the accident!

And this is a stain on society as a whole. We have made it so easy for a large section of the youth population to be ever more and more immature; young men and women who are entitled and completely lack self-control, responsibility, and whose life values only extend to the gadgets they are so attached to.

We have created a monster with millions of heads in our society! And this monster will eventually destroy us all unless it is reigned in. It may already be too late.

When I look at much of the youth today, the stark, depressing and dark images shown in some science fiction movies where people live underground in dark, dank infested cities, a world devoid of kindness and laughter and love, come to mind and I pray only that if that world overtakes us, that I will not be around to see it.

Our world is crying out, Mother Nature is crying out and the millions upon millions of souls denied access to birth through the terrible and inhumane torture killings of abortion, are crying out and we, the people, living today are the ones who must find the solution.

If we dont, then Mother Nature will shrug and remove the stain of humanity and those who manage to survive will be dropped into a dark hole and it will again take millenia to rise out of it.

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