[vaccines] How Safe & Effective?

This post is in response to an Instagram post that I was alerted to.

@carolinehirons, I am truly very sorry to hear about your son's illness from mumps and it is my hope that he recovers completely and continues a healthy and successful life. As a parent of three boys I understand what it feels like when a child is critically ill.

I question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and it is a serious concern for me as a grandmother of a most gorgeous little boy and yes, I am deeply concerned about the vaccine schedule here in the US.

Because I question the safety and effectiveness and definitely question the toxic cocktail of ingredients of vaccines it does not make me “anti-vaccine”.

My demand that vaccine manufacturers be held accountable and responsible for the ingredients in vaccines that harm our children, should not show me or any other concerned parent or grandparent in a bad light - the whole world should stand up and demand safer, non toxic vaccines for our children. Why is that so difficult to comprehend?

I also have a question for you - I assume that you are clearly for vaccination and that your son was vaccinated in accordance with the mandated schedule, and if this is true then I question how it is possible that he got mumps? If vaccines are so effective and safe (!) how is it possible that, even if he was exposed to mumps, that he got it? The mumps vaccine your son received should have protected him surely? Don’t you question the obvious dichotomy of this?

My next question to you then is - you must have investigated the cause and reason for why he got mumps in the first place even though he had been vaccinated and when you do a deep investigation around this, what is the real backstory behind your son’s illness?

You know the reality and the science is proving that the overdose of vaccines that are being forced on children in the US is creating a population that is sick, very sick and with our over zealous administering of the toxic cocktails given to our children we are not protecting our children. We are in fact raising several generations of severely damaged children that aught not to have been if the pharmaceutical industry had been held accountable and responsible and had truly cared for our children.

There are safe and effective manufacturing processes that the pharmaceutical industry can use when making vaccines but they have opted for the short route to profits and to hell with the children and extreme side-affects on generations of Americans. When the children of today grow up and need 24/7 medical care because of the damage from the last 20 years of toxic vaccines, the handful of children who are considered to be “healthy” will carry a deficit burden of care that is beyond our imagining.

There will come a time when future generations will dig up the horrors of this era of experimentation on our children which carries the full approval of most parents, they will look at what we have done to our children and they will stand in horror, wondering what could possibly have caused parents to so blindly subject their children to this experiment. And all because todays people are for the most part too lazy to think for themselves, too lazy to question the US vaccine schedule and too lazy to think beyond the bullshit the media is feeding us, and above all too apathetic to stand together and demand that our elected officials at all levels, be held responsible!

Mother Nature and a natural approach to health and wellness has served us for a very long time and educating ourselves to the benefits of proper hygiene and sanitation, clean water, nutritious food etc. has served us for very many years. Vaccines as they are manufactured today do not serve us; they harm us in ways that are criminal because we know that there really are safe and effective ways to manufacture the vaccines so that they will protect our children when administered as needed not because the federal or state government bullies parents into it.

You may want to seriously consider the platform that you are standing on before you berate another for the care and protection they consider for their own child or children.

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