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[give life] Reproductive Rights & Reproductive Justice

In a recent online article I watched a protest rally funded and organized by a fairly new pro-abortion group whose vision states the following:


"Our" vision is to uphold abortion rights and advance reproductive justice as a matter of human dignity. We introduce a new culture of accountability, and empower and inspire the reproductive rights movement and the broader progressive community to openly and enthusiastically stand up for abortion rights.


Let's break this down and try to find some sense in this vision statement, though honestly, my personal opinion is that there is never any sense to be found in anything that is founded on the wilful destruction of a human life, whether in the womb or outside the womb. But that is just me and my flavor of rationale.


This organization seems to believe that upholding abortion rights is advancing reproductive justice and is a matter of human dignity.

My Question:

How did "abortion rights" become synonymous with "reproductive justice"? How did we ever get to the point where killing an innocent human being became an act of justice?

Another Question:

Human dignity? For whom? The woman who becomes complicit in the killing of the child that she conceived? Since when did killing another human being provide ANYONE with "human dignity"? And yes I will address the question of "what about in the case of a rape pregnancy?"

Reproductive Justice

"Reproductive Justice" is stated to be: the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social, and economic well-being of women and girls, based on the full achievement and protection of women's human right.

As a woman, I support the right of women to choose - to choose who they marry, choose where they live, choose where they work, choose what job they do, choose whether to study and what to study.

My rights as woman do not, in any way, shape or form give me the right to kill another human being or to infringe on the human rights of another human being. We protect fauna and flora on our planet, and that is as it should be.

Why do we not protect the most helpless and innocent amongst us as humans - our unborn children? Are they not deserving of human rights?

And if you say, NO, then by what standard do you believe you are entitled to strip an unborn child of their human rights? By what right do we strip away the protection that children in the womb should still be entitled to?

What has happened to the nurturing nature, the care giving nature of woman that has been the role of woman for aeons??!

I take my role as woman, mother, grandmother, female of the species very seriously. I believe that I chose to be born into this lifetime, at this time, as a woman, to fulfill a specific role that is ultimately for my own soul's growth and to support and nourish and nurture all those with whom I come into contact, regardless of how long or short that contact may be.

I accept the grave responsibility with which I chose to be woman in this physical life, and I accept the great honor of being mother, grandmother, nurturer, the female of the human species. And as such I take a very serious view of the killing of children through the heinous act of abortion, I take a very serious view of the abuse of children through trafficking and sexual abuse, and all the incredibly terrible methods that human beings have devised to hurt, harm and kill other human beings.

My heart breaks at the pain and the tears of children when all they truly need and ask for is comfort, warmth, care and nurturing that allows them to take their place in this world so that they too can make a difference in a world that was intended to be a haven of growth, of building dreams to expand that growth, to learn and experience the wonders of this physical domain.

Who is Entitled to Human Rights? When did we as humans decide that human rights only apply when it suits us? How is it that we accept responsibility for protecting animals, plants and natural wonders, even historical buildings receive more protection than our unborn babies.

When did we decide we no longer need to stand up as responsible and accountable human beings? When did decide that we can act irresponsibly and engage in sexual intercourse, which is biologically intended for procreation and kill the human being conceived from that act of intercouse? When did we determine that we are entitled to absolve ourselves so easily of the killing of the human child? Is it so easy to act without remorse in the killing of another human being simply because a law of our modern day society says we can?

Where else in our human history, in our laws and bylaws, in our logical understanding of societal ethics, has it ever been OK for human beings to kill other human beings?

Because our corrupt society says it is our "human right" to kill a defenseless child in the womb?

And when we fool ourselves into this kind of thinking then we must bear in mind that there will come a time to give an accounting for our complicity in that killing and that it will come upon us, individually and collectively, at the most unexpected time. And there will be no recourse, no absolution. The price will be exacted and we will bring it down on ourselves.

We will taste the justice that collectively we believe is our right and when that justice returns back to us, it will be exceedingly bitter and foul and there will be no place to hide or escape it.

Reproductive Rights

"Reproductive rights" is stated to be:

the rights of individuals to decide whether to reproduce and have reproductive health. This may include an individual's right to plan a family, terminate a pregnancy, use contraceptives, learn about sex education in public schools, and gain access to reproductive health services.

It is unfortunate that this definition of "reproduction rights" does not include taking responsibility for engaging in the act that creates the child. Why is that we believe it is a right to kill a child in womb?

When will this current civilization grow up and in all their getting(!), get understanding that we are all responsible for our actions. The woman wh0 decides to have the abortion is as responsible for the killing of the child as the doctor who performs the abortion and the aides who assist on the procedure. None are absolved.

Those who are forced to have an abortion - by the pimps who enslave them, or the parent who raped the daughter and now forces the abortion so as not to have to face the consequences - are potentially the only ones who are as innocent as the child conceived. More posts to follow on this topic.

The Way of Nature

We all have the right to decide whether to reproduce or not and that decision ensures that when you decide to have sexual intercourse, which by the nature of that act between a man and a woman, is intended to reproduce - that is the way of Nature - to create a child, and as such, you accept responsibility for the possibility that you will conceive a child and will then care for that child.

To a woman who decides she never wants to bear children, my question would be this: if you know you do not want children, why would you not have your ovaries surgically removed to ensure that you never put yourself in the position of being complicit to the killing of a child?

OR if you know you do not want children, why would you put yourself in the position of possibly getting pregnant?

Ever heard of abstaining?

Human Dignity, Human Right?

Yes, for me, the killing of another human being, regardless of the circumstances, is a crime. It is the taking of a life; an innocent life; the life of a child.

The dictionary definition of human dignity is: An individual or group's sense of self-respect and self-worth, physical and psychological integrity and empowerment.

Question: If "human rights" is a person's:

  • sense of self-respect and self-worth,

  • physical and psychological integrity and empowerment,

how does a woman, who is complicit in the killing of her child,

  • claim or reclaim her self-respect and self-worth, or

  • exercise her physical and psychological integrity and empowerment?

Is it empowering to take the life of an unborn child? And if you answer YES, help me understand how you come by that empowerment - please leave me a comment on this.

How does any woman come back from having an abortion and function as though she has self-worth and self-respect? Or that she has integrity and empowerment?

The more I think about abortion, abortion "rights" and all related "rights", including and what abortion does to a tiny human being, the more questions I have for all the men and women who are so fervent in their push for the killing of these innocent human beings.

The same children who, when given life, are the future generations of this world.

Our track record for leaving this world a better place than we found it is dismal, to say the least! As those who were given life and the opportunities to be here amongst the living in the physical world, so wonderfully and beautifully made by our Creator. As are we, as is all creation.

Next post to follow soon ....


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