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[vaccines] We Can Choose To Kill Our Unborn Babies But Cannot Choose Whether To Vaccinate Or Not?

We Can Choose To Kill Our Unborn Babies But Cannot Choose Whether To Vaccinate Or Not ?!! ??

Something is seriously wrong with this picture!

Vaccines are supposedly designed to save humanity from the viruses, diseases, that are everywhere and so much a part of the planet we live on.

When you look at the information the CDC publishes on their website about the safety of vaccines and how diseases have been eradicated, then you almost become a believer.

Until ...

You discover that the "scientific studies" the CDC says supports their statements were "adjusted" to achieve certain results.

Until ...

You start pulling up scientific studies that show an alarmingly opposite result.

Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies review some 400 important scientific papers that are summarized for parents and researchers​.

In the book authored by Neil Z Miller, the author provides insight into data and documentation of vaccine treatments that are fast becoming pharmaceutically and scientifically designed modern day plagues, currently forced on the citizens of the United States in the form of Vaccines.

Questions I have often asked and have yet to receive an answer that makes any sense:

  • If vaccines are so effective then why is it necessary for the State and Federal Governments to enforce vaccinations on the population? For example California now prohibits a child from attending public or private school if the child has not received all CDC mandated vaccines for the age group. If a private school does not enforce this law then the school faces prosecution.

  • If vaccines are considered safe at any dose for any child of any age, why does the state/federal government have to force parents with legislation to vaccinate their children?

  • If vaccines are considered safe at any dose, for any child, of any age, why did Congress need to step in to protect the pharmaceutical companies and absolve the industry of all responsibility with regards vaccines? And only regarding vaccines? All other medications are regulated, required to undergo stringent testing and research. Yet vaccines ae pumped directly into the bloodstream if vulnerable children and there is no oversight in place, no accountability?

Why was there a need to create The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP or NVICP) - ref:

If vaccines are considered effective why is there such hysteria when an outbreak of measles occurs?

Surely the children that have been vaccinated are safe and will not contract the virus? However that is not the case, is it?

Isn't it interesting that those children who have been vaccinated seem to be the most vulnerable? And those are the children whose parents and doctors are most concerned when there is an outbreak? What is the logic for this pattern of thinking?

The same goes for prohibiting unvaccinated children from attending public schools? If children have been vaccinated, surely they should have immunity against the virus, against the infection?

And if that is not so, i.e. vaccines are NOT effective, then what possible reason could there be to continue forcing parents to vaccinate their children if they prefer not to?


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