[vaccines] Why?

I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person.

And similarly most humans walking the planet today are reasonably intelligent.

What I have found though during my years is that there are people with incredibly high IQ's but with not logic, no common sense.

And the other side of that coin would be that there are people who may not rank as brilliant but who have indisputable common sense and who can, with research and follow through, arrive at conclusions that high IQ people cannot.

Let me share a story - it is said that on a day there was a truck that was driving down a road and attempted to go through a tunnel that was not high enough for the truck to drive through undamaged.

As a result the truck drove in a few meters and then got stuck as the sides of the top of the truck gouged right into the bricks and mortar of the underside of the bridge, i.e. the top of the tunnel.

The driver stopped the truck in fear of bringing the tunnel and subsequently the bridge above toppling down on the truck.

Over the next few hours numerous of the engineers from the company who owned the truck came to the site to figure out a way to pull the truck out without causing further damage.

But they could not come up with a solution.

Then a car pulled up waiting to go through the tunnel - a young couple and their daughter.

The young girl got out looked at the truck and asked why they had not just let the air out of the tires.

This may sound like a logical, simple solutions and many people who have heard this story scoffed and said there is no way that the engineers would not have thought about letting the air out of the tires.

For me I can believe that the engineers may have completely missed the simplicity of the solution - something that stared them in the face. However there may have been very specific reasoning in their thinking - maybe the idea of letting the air out and then driving the ruck even a short way could cause damage to the wheels and that would cost the company a lot of money, so that was dismissed.

Lets apply that story to our medical practitioners of today.

Today, around the world, we have an unprecedented increase in developmental disabilities in children - often in children who, for the first 1 to 2 years of their lives, developed as expected and in some cases faster than expected, children who exhibited smarts and who could talk, converse, run, play, smile and who were generally happy.

Then suddenly one day the child - out of the blue - begins to scream, begins to show rapid rates of regression and losing the developed abilities that were present and which is recorded on video and photos.

The important factor that the medical professionals then throw out is any possibility that the regression and loss of previously gained and learned abilities could have been caused by a vaccine - a toxic cocktail that often includes several viruses in a soup of chemicals and toxins that in any other package carries a skull and crossbones to warn that this is not for human consumption.

The pediatrician and the state then starts looking into the parents relationship with the child, blaming the parents, looking for abuse in the home, al the while willfully disregarding the fact that a toxic cocktail was administered and if the doctor and medical staff did their job they could possibly save the child from the worst damage by detoxing the child of the poisons.

So my question is WHY?

  • Why are pediatricians and medical professionals so hellbent on denying the harm that vaccines are causing?

  • Why are pharmaceutical companies allowed to continue producing vaccines without sufficient testing and research?

  • Why are the US federal and state governments so adamant with the enforcement of vaccines for children?

  • Why did Congress establish the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is vaccines are safe?

  • Why are parents put through a meat grinder when their children are injured by vaccines instead of being compensated which a child is damaged so severley that the parents face millions of dollars out of pocket to care for their child?

  • If vaccines are safe AND effective, why does our government find it necessary to FORCE vaccines on all people or else our children cannot go to school, or to day care or be cared for in a hospital and some doctors now will not see the child? If vaccines are safe why are more and more parents coming forward to share their dreadful and terrifying stories of the dramatic changes that happened in their children shortly after a multi-dose vaccines?

  • If vaccines are EFFECTIVE, why has the vaccine scheduled increased so dramatically? Since the 1950s, the number of recommended and required vaccine shots has gone up by close to 414%. This is ludicrous.

There are so many questions and no logical answers forthcoming so we must continue to ask these questions until the vaccine manufacturers and the governmental agencies who are sitting deep in the pockets of these manufacturers provide an answer and a guarantee that our children will no longer be harmed by the vaccine.

It is imperative that the mandatory vaccine threats held over the heads of parents who no longer has a choice in whether to vaccinate or not, are removed.

This is a country of freedom but that freedom seems to only apply when the government says it does and not in accordance with the inalienable right of every individual, and especially our children in this country.

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