[vaccines] A Very Real Threat

America is supposedly considered one of the world leaders in the fields of science and medicine.

Yet in America it is a statistical fact that we have the highest mortality (death) rates of babies (under one year of age, as well as other age groups) when compared to countries such as: Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Japan.

REF: Health System Tracker for the statistical data

In America today, it is the new tradition to poison pregnant women and their babies with toxic cocktails administered in the "interest of their health" and the health of American communities.

And so we have the highest mortality rate of babies under age one and we also have the highest vaccination rate of babies under age one within this group of comparable countries. Yet the CDC states that vaccines are safe?

If this is not reason for severe and horrified concern, then there is not much in this world that will concern you.

For some time now I have stated privately that it seems since the abortion rate is declining the Federal and State governments of the United States of America has determined to kill or seriously harm our children in whichever way they possibly can.

If this is not the reality of today regarding vaccines and if vaccines are so safe and does not cause harm, why is it then that many states in the US, and countries around the world are FORCING vaccines on all people through mandatory vaccine schedules?

And what is the repercussions for parents and children if parents determine NOT to abide by the forced vaccine schedules?

Well, you can then no longer keep your child in school, you can no longer take your child to a day-care center, and most doctors and hospitals now deny your child treatment.

Unfortunately not enough people have woken up to this strategy as yet.

What is surprising is that many, probably most, pregnant women so completely trust their obstetricians and pediatricians that they do not question or at minimum ask what the content of the vaccines are and have an open discussion with these so-called healthcare professionals about the toxic content of the vaccines.

Then when these pregnant women are diagnosed, out of the blue, with toxemia (which in general terms states the presence of toxins in the blood), and in some cases accompanied with hypertension then our medical professionals discount that the toxic cocktails of vaccines injected directly into the blood of these pregnant women could have been the cause.

When the babies born from these women are in some cases born with developmental disabilities or are stillborn or die shortly after birth, again our so-called qualified medical professionals discount and blatantly ignore the toxic cocktails of vaccines injected directly into the blood of these pregnant women as the placenta of the mother protects the baby.

But even a lay person such as myself knows that when something is injected directly into the blood of a human, the body of the mother has no ability to process and lessen the potency of the toxins as the body would when something passes through the stomach first, and so a full blown dosage of those toxins are delivered directly to the baby.

Mothers of the world!! It is time you take back the responsibility for protecting your babies and STOP vaccinations - ALL VACCINATIONS - during pregnancy!!

Mothers are inadvertently and unknowingly becoming accomplices in severely harming and/or killing of their babies because they will not do their own research about vaccinations and the dangers of the toxins to both mother and child. We can no longer blindly trust that doctors have our best health interests at heart.

Yes, I do hold the medical professionals responsible for the sad and terrible state that the health care system is in and the fact that doctors in their ignorance about the harm done by vaccines are supporting mandatory vaccinations.

If they are not accomplices and not only interested in the monetary benefits, and truly care about the communities they are supposed to serve, doctors will stand in defense of the children and stop the madness.

All of humanity must know that the medical doctors, pharmaceutical industry and our governments can not be trusted to care for or uphold our best health and happiness.

They no longer, and have not for a very long time, cared for the people.

Parents please do your homework!!


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