[vaccines] Are You Pro or Anti Vaccine?

Most people, in the political and socio economic arena refuse to

discuss vaccines. It truly makes me wonder what is hidden underneath the covers of this billion dollar industry?

What is it that makes ordinary moms so vehement when it comes to debating the issue of whether to vaccinate or not?

When my sons were born in the 1980's and 1990's back in South Africa, they received their vaccinations in accordance with what the local clinic recommended.

NOTE: this was in the days of separate vaccines for mumps, measles and chickenpox.

Shortly after my second son received his measles shot we went to a coastal town for vacation. The day after we arrived, he became ill. First his fever shot up and he was listless and then started having difficulty breathing when he lay down. He wasn't eating or taking his bottle and all he basically wanted was for me to hold him, which I did.

His dad and I drove to the hospital we eventually located - back in those days there was no GPS, or cell phones or even yellow pages! We scanned through the telephone directory when we could find a working public phone and located the hospital; explained what my son was experiencing and then took him to hospital.

Once there a doctor looked at him and moments later we were being escorted out of the hospital with the words: "Your son has measles and we cannot keep him here as we do not have quarantine facilities."

I was surprised as he had just had the vaccination and also there were no telltale spots as I was expecting to see with measles [my three brothers and I all had measles as children so I had an idea of what to expect]. The doctor then informed us that the measles seemed to be infecting his lungs. And we were told that this could be a reaction to the measles vaccination and that my baby's system was not handling it well.

I panicked! The hospital was sending us away even-though my son was obviously very ill with measles. At least the doctor prescribed medication for his fever and to fight the measles though today I cannot tell you what it was as I have no idea.

We took him back to the bungalow we were staying at and for the next 5-7 days I slept upright in a chair, holding my son. We gave him the medication, gave him cool baths and I held him and fed him water and juice to at least keep him hydrated. He could not keep down milk.

Around the 3rd day his fever peaked. It was a nightmare. Then he slowly started getting better but for my baby son it was a difficult two weeks of recovery.

I give thanks every day that my son lived through that ordeal and that today he is in his mid thirties, father of a beautiful son and happily married.

Many parents are not that blessed when their children become ill after a vaccination. Today vaccines are so much more toxic than they were back then and back then the MMR vaccine was not yet available in South Africa. And that I am also incredibly grateful for!

If you are a parent, grand parent, aunt, uncle or work with children, it is your responsibility to NOT just accept what a man or woman in a white coat tells you. Just because that man or woman is a pediatrician does not mean he/she has your child's best interests at heart.

In today's society, medical doctors are sometimes (not always) driven by the bottom line in their practice.

Pharmaceutical companies are always driven by their bottom line and vaccines are said to have a huge profit margin which allows the pharmaceutical companies to give the doctors a good profit margin too - and bottom line that seems to be what is most important in some practices. So, not the patient but the profit.

More and more cases are revealing that the doctors who work with our children have no idea what the actual content is of the vaccines they push parents to pump into the small bodies of their children. And this is solely because the doctors receive little or no training on vaccines and so believe everything the pharmaceutical companies push. And unbelievably doctors are not even slightly interested in learning anything about the vaccines, often because they have long days or because there is only so much information they can share in your allotted fifteen minute visit.

This unfortunate phenomena doesn't just apply to vaccines but to other medications too. With other medications though doctors and big pharma are liable for damage and can be sued and so will do their homework to ensure you are pre-warned of the complications.

In many cases the doctors are often more motivated by the kickback they receive from the pharmaceutical companies as long as they continue administering the vaccines because the pharmaceutical companies are greedy and just don't care. And very importantly the pharmaceutical companies have no liability. How so? Because the US Congress in their incredible ignorance and stupidity determined back in the 1980's to pass a law that absolved pharmaceutical companies of all responsibility, all accountability.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan as part of a larger health bill on Nov 14, 1986, in the United States, to reduce the potential financial liability of vaccine makers due to vaccine injury claims.

It is your responsibility as a parent, as the caretaker of the child to ASK questions and the doctor or nurse is required to provide you with the information upfront, not after your child has become a vaccine-injured statistic.

Do your due diligence! Ask questions! Get Answers. Before NOT AFTER!



-- Vaccines Revealed

-- Millers Review of Critical Vaccine Studies

-- National Vaccine Injury Act of 1986

Please visit the RESOURCES page - the resources page is updated ongoing as new data is presented.


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