[vaccines] A Government Take-Over?

In H.Res.117 — 114th Congress (2015-2016) The US House of Representatives resolved that: "No credible evidence that vaccines cause life threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults."

This is a false and unsupported ruling which ignores ALL THE EVIDENCE and should never have seen the light of day.

I wonder whether Adam Schiff, who sponsored this resolution, had done any research on this, and that goes for every one of the representatives who voted in support of this. I also wonder what incentives Adam Schiff may have had to sponsor this?

If the US Federal and State governments were to climb out of the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical companies they may actually see the light of day and realize what is truly going on.

I suppose the question is whether our government officials, mandated by their election to protect the citizens of this country, actually care for the people!

It is impossible to process why those, who are elected to protect the interests of the American people, are so hell bent on destroying those same people.

It seems it is not enough that millions of our American children are violently killed in the womb. Now the children who are born are being assaulted and seriously injured or killed through forced vaccination.

This has to stop!

Since we can no longer trust or rely on our government representatives, it is time for the people of this country to start a movement, to stand up in support and protection of our children, and to also protect the elderly and to protect ourselves.

Our children are the future of this nation and we have a responsibility to ensure that they can take up that baton when their time comes. They cannot do that if their brans have been damaged beyond repair, and their health has been wrecked or compromised beyond repair.

This is supposed to be "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". There is little in this country today that supports this statement.

It is time to "Make America Great Again" in the truest sense of this statement, not just with rhetoric that is meaningless.


If you care about your children, do your due diligence; get INFORMED. Do NOT just take the word of your pediatrician, or general practitioner, or the school nurse.

Vaccinating your children should be your choice and this country where the politicians and the people are so big on CHOICE, it is unforgivable for the government to take away the choice of a parent on the issue of vaccination.



-- Vaccines Revealed : watch the series and be informed!


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