"The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion" - Mother Teresa.

As I listen to and read news about the upcoming vote in Argentina to legalize abortion or the ongoing angry mob mentality of people in Ireland for the sole purpose of destroying children in the womb, I continue to ask the question: why is it so easy for people to destroy the life of a child in the womb instead of being a responsible and accountable member of society and practicing abstinence until ready to have a baby?

How is it that we are horrified by the violence of a school shooting that takes the lives of innocent children, yet we self-righteously support and demand the killing of children in the womb and angrily condemn a government for its continued protection of the innocent children in the womb?

And if you are a woman who has decided that you never want to have children so you opt for abortion each time you get pregnant because you also do not believe in taking responsibility for having sex, why not have your ovaries removed, or have a full hysterectomy to ensure you can never conceive. Do this before you conceive a child you dont want and then take pleasure in killing through the heinous act of abortion!

Or is there a macabre pleasure in knowing that you can destroy that child through the terrible act of abortion?

Is there a vindictive pleasure, for the men and women who support abortion, in knowing that the child in the womb will be torn limb from limb, decapitated or slowly suffocated while experiencing excruciating pain and paralyzed and trapped in the womb of the woman who truly just doesn't care; the child destroyed in the most heinous act of violence that humanity has devised and perpetrated on the most innocent and helpless amongst us?

Where is our humanity? We have long lamented man's inhumanity to man and pretended our grave concern, yet we do nothing to stop this incredible wave of violence that continues to sweep the earth.

Instead and in addition to the violence we spew through the news channels and television programs, and movies and the games we encourage our children to play, we enact the violence of abortion on the innocent and helpless.

I wonder how any of the men and women, who so angrily scream and rant and cuss that their rights are being violated because they do not have access to legally torture and kill babies in the womb, would feel if the statute is created that if you feel the child in the womb is worthless and therefor should be tortured and killed that you must be prepared to undergo the exact same treatment of torture and if you survive that torture then you can continue to live in society, and if you dont survive that treatment ... well then ...

I can already hear the shocked responses for my statement - how unfeeling is her treatment of the men and women who had sex, who believed it their right to have sex and not be held responsible for the natural process of conceiving a child as that conception is completely and utterly the unborn child's fault and these men and women are victims of Nature; the child has no rights and yet is completely and the only party responsible in this.

I wonder how men would feel if they are castrated or hung from a cross with their bodyweight equivalent rock hung from their penis each time they have consensual sex or rape a woman and a child is conceived and then killed through the act of abortion because it is the child's fault for being conceived as a result.

When will the men and women, who are so eager to enact violence on the helpless and innocent children in womb, instead remove themselves from society, or better yet remove themselves from society and ensure that they sterilize themselves so that they will never harm an innocent child.

A time will come when an accounting will be given of the things we do to one another and especially to that which we do and allow to be done to our children, born and unborn.

Be ready in the knowing that you have done what you can to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and to protect and help and those whose voices are not yet heard over the angry screams of the lawless mobs.

#abortion #destroyerofloveandpeace #MotherTeresa

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