How Does Abortion Save The Lives of Women?

The issue in this article has long been on my mind and I was recently reminded of the question in my heart and in my head; a question that only one doctor has so far answered in any way that makes sense to me.

One of the most controversial issues [my opinion] raised by pro-abortion activists is that abortion at any point of the pregnancy including late term and/or partial birth abortions, is hailed as critical to the healthcare of, or saving of a woman's life.

In late term abortions, due to the size of the baby, surgical abortion is the process of dismembering the living baby, [to my knowledge without anaesthesia] and in most cases crushing the head of the child, to reduce the pieces of the child that will exit through the cervix.

Induced abortion is a lengthy process with the intention of ending/terminating the pregnancy and induced abortion (again my opinion) is induced labor. Having given birth to two of my babies through induced labor, I know how much more intense the contractions and subsequent pain is.

When an abortion is induced there is more risk to an at risk woman's life than if the baby was delivered by caesarian section and allowed to live, and at the same time the chances of saving the woman's life, is far greater than with an induced abortion. There are those who are of the opinion that even when a caesarian section is performed and both mother and baby are healthy that the child should be euthanased as it should have died during the birth process to save the mother's life. It does not seem to matter much that a healthy baby's life is at stake here. We live in a culture fr to quick to kill those who cannot defend themselves. When the tables turn, which they will eventually, all those so quick on the trigger to maim, torture, dismember, decapitate, kill through induced heart attack and whatever manner of termination may seem fit, will one day be at that end of the mercy they imparted and I wonder what justification there will then be for them to keep their lives.

A description given by a medical doctor who was at one time an abortionist, tells of the many hours of labor that the woman experiences including the forced dilation of her cervix from the outside which is not a natural process. The cervix is designed to dilate from the inside out as the baby prepares for birth.

When you look at abortion and what happens to both the woman and the child, the term "healthcare" is definitely not a term that I or for that matter any logically thinking, intelligent person can apply to the procedure [of induced abortion] to save a woman's life.

Abortion is the wilful and sadistic torture of a helpless and defenceless living human being who cannot speak for him or herself and it continues to horrify and sadden me to hear how easily men and women of all ages and all walks of life attempt to justify abortion for every reason under the sun including because abortion will save the life of the pregnant woman.

And there is so much anger at the fact that this myth has been debunked. The only time an abortion is necessary to save the mother's life, is when the pregnancy is ectopic.

And with this I find it so interesting that science has developed to the point where they can fertilize a woman's egg in a petrie dish and then in many cases successfully implant that zygote into the mother and have a successful pregnancy, yet we cannot save the child developing in the fallopian tube!

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