The Stain of the Blood of Innocence

How ironic is it that in our current era we can still pretend to be horrified at historical events of mass killings, of holocausts and genocides, while we all stand with the blood of innocence on our hands as we stand quietly by and allow the genocide of helpless, defenseless pre-born babies to go unchallenged in the name of what?

As a woman I have many rights. Living in Western society I have many rights. When did our society turn infanticide and the sadistic torture and killing of pre-born babies, and the trafficking of baby body parts into "Women's Rights"? What happened to the rights of the living human being tortured and killed in the womb?

What does it tell us about our society today that we are OK with this killing, that we have legalized the torture and killing of helpless and defenseless living human beings, and in the name of what? Healthcare? Women’s Rights? Do we even think of the fact that with more than 59.5 MILLION babies killed between 1973 and now, that we have literally allowed the wiping away of several generations of Americans? What about around the world?

I must be an idiot but torture and killing of one human being has never been about "healthcare" for another? Or any “right” of one human over another? We are undoing millennia of so-called civilization, of so-called progress through this legalized practice of genocide and it does not matter what we do to try and save the planet through so called Climate Change agendas, or by anti pollution movements, or whatever scientific progress we delude ourselves with, the continued genocide of babies in the womb will undo.

With the silent scream of every baby, tortured and killed in the womb, every man, woman, girl, boy who supports abortion as a right, who stands by and does nothing, who turns a blind eye and a cold heart, we will all one day answer for our part, large or small in this the most horrific genocide of all ages.

What is your part is this genocide of our human babies?

What have you done today, in some small way to stop this genocide?

When will humanity’s lust for blood stop?

When will we understand that Life, at every stage of development, and in any form is precious? When will we show respect and honor for Nature, for ourselves, for our children, pre and post born?

What part will you play today and every day from here to make this world a better place for all Life to live in?

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