A Child is Not a Thought; a Child is Flesh and Blood

The article I read ended with these words:

"Abortion is a terrible, violent procedure that kills a baby. No amount of sugar-coating can banish that reality. Those of us in the pro-life movement must continue on, knowing we are fighting a battle against the most important human rights injustice of our time." [1] [emphasis added by this author.]

When you read this article, and I encourage you to, you will see the clear distinction between people who care about people and those who do not. And those who are OK with staying as they are and those who are now.

When a journalist can describe the torture, ripping apart of a little body and then still find an excuse for why that should be allowed to continue, there is no humanity.

In our society today, living human beings have little value compared to the "treasures" we surround ourselves with. We give more value to our phones or cars or the clothes hanging in the forgotten second bedroom closet, than we do to living human beings, and in this case I am specifically talking about unborn babies.

We are ok with our unborn babies being sadistically tortured by the violent ripping apart of their little bodies, the murder of our children.

In effect we are ok with the demise of an entire group of humanity, the genocide of a particular group of human beings! We are ok with several chunks across multiple generations of the future of this nation and countries around the world, being wiped away and discarded as trash!

If we were not, the supreme court ruling that delivered Roe vs. Wade would have been overturned long ago and every supreme court judge who do not value life removed from office. But we, the people are so selfish and self-centered, so apathetic. As long as it doesn't seem to touch our little lives, we believe there is nothing we can do, so we do nothing.

Sad, very sad. When did women become so fickle that they abdicate their own personal responsibility and sense of nurturing, their caring for themselves and others, especially those who need them the most: their babies, that they care more about the supposed right to do what they want with their reproductive parts? Since when do we not care about the pain and suffering, the torture of another living human being? Since when do we not do everything humanly possible to save the lives of our children?

How is it that murder of the most innocent, helpless and defenseless has been legalized and our current supposedly civilized society is OK with it? And there are those amongst us who demand it?

When will this stop?

Understand the Truth about Abortion:

Warning: the following links contain graphic images and video:


[1] Sarah Terzo at LifeNews.com; http://www.lifenews.com/2013/01/30/reporters-who-watch-abortions-tell-of-their-brutal-reality/]

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