Ultimate, Sadistic Bullying

The Bully Tactics of Abortion

Today as I was reading some articles and watching videos on abortion, the thought came to me that abortionists and some of their female "patients" represent in my view, the most prolific in sadistic bullying.

Definition of Bully / Bullying

The dictionary provides the following definition of bully:

"use superior strength or influence to intimidate, typically to force him/her to do what one wants";

and bullying is defined as: "unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real and perceived power imbalance." (emphasis added by this author.)

I found the definition of bullying interesting in its reference to this being behaviour primarily "among school aged children"; interesting as so many of our professors and teachers today use emotional bullying, and then there are also other groups who use bully tactics to get their point across. And yes, I am referring to the pro-choice/pro-abortion group.

The child in the womb is at a definite disadvantage when in the company of an abortionist and the woman who has determined to end his/her life.

It is a fact that bullies often feel empowered through the intimidation tactics used. The woman feels empowered because this is her choice and society screams from the rooftops that she should be able to legally kill the child growing inside her. The abortionist is providing a service and as such believes that he/she cannot be held responsible for the decision of the woman when ending the life of the child.

The bullying tactics employed by this group is enacted upon the helpless and innocent child who is unprepared for the life-ending, gruesome and horrifying, act of abortion.

That is what being a bully entails; hurting another perceived to be weaker and who cannot fight back!

As long as they can rely of bully tactics there is no need to face the real and true consequences of abortion. I wonder though how these would fare if subjected to the same methods of torture and murder as is inflicted upon the living human child being tortured and murdered?

When the time comes to answer for the violence enacted upon the helpless, defenceless, innocent children of this nation and around the world, I wonder what excuse,what justification, could and would be offered?

Maybe the first offering would be that the child was not a child; or that the child may be a child, but unborn children cannot feel pain; or they were doing the child a favor as it would have suffered in the world if it had been allowed to be born.

Sad it is indeed that we who are stronger do not move to protect those who lean on us for protection. Those whose voice we can be.

Edmund Burke said: "The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing." How true and ultimately how sad.

Sad, because most good people are so busy in their own lives that they never take a stand and so evil is and always has been allowed to flourish, unchecked by most. And it will continue to do so until good men (and women) wake up to the reality of the world we live in and take action!

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