EPA No Longer in the Business of Environmental Protection?!

Despite incredibly strong science showing the chemical is unsafe, Scott Pruitt’s EPA reversed course on plans to pull the brain-harming insecticide chlorpyrifos off the market — putting the health of millions of children and workers at risk.

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"The EPA estimates that typical exposure for babies is five times higher than what the agency considers safe. For toddlers and older children, exposure is 11 to 15 times what is considered safe, and for pregnant women, five times higher than necessary to protect the developing fetus."

It seems our children are at risk from ALL ANGLES:

If not killed in the womb through abortion, then babies are injected with highly toxic cocktails forced on unsuspecting parents and if the child survives these assault within the first hours or first year of life, then their little bodies have to contend with an ever increasingly severe vaccine regimen as well as food loaded with toxic and severely harmful chemicals from the pesticides that now cover and infiltrate our food source and supply.

When will wake up enough to take and stand and say ENOUGH!!

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