Every Child, A Sacred Life.

Every child conceived, from the moment of conception, prepares for his or her sacred life. Though the physical body is in the process of developing from conception through birth, then the childhood years, school, college and on into adulthood and eventually as an elderly person, the soul is on standby and eagerly waiting for her opportunity to be fulfilled and to enter into physical embodiment.

Every child should be celebrated, always and with every conception!

Every child's life should be a celebration.

If we take the time to study the unique and beautiful design of every human body, its perfection at so many different levels, the intelligence in that design, the heart that is so much more than just the physical distributor of the body's life essence, of the blood and oxygen; when you truly give thought to this, I believe every person who applies critical thinking may find in their hearts that sacred place that was locked long before conception, long before the developing body.

When we know better but stubbornly determined to continue supporting the torture and massacre of our defenseless and innocent children, understand that we will individually and collectively pay the price for that at the end of our individual and collective lifetimes. If we do nothing to abolish this genocide, sooner or later we will answer for our apathy. Are we really willing to allow this slaughter to continue

Our hearts are so much more than just a physical organ that provides the life that keeps us going. Our hearts are our sacred places where reverence for life, where awe for the beauty of the child, of the human being, of every living creature, should determine that Life is worth protecting, is worth living.

I Stand 4 Life .com & I Stand 4 Life .org is a PRO-LIFE organization birthed to create a movement in defense of and to save our unborn human children and we to take a stand for all children everywhere. We condemn all abortion-related violence and the abuse of children in all forms. We will not associate with groups or individuals who fail to condemn such violence.

We invite all who uphold the same values to join our movement.

The goal is to build a flock of ONE MILLION strong in defense of the children - born and unborn - in America and the world, by September 30th, 2017 and then to continue until we have the entire world involved in giving and protecting life instead of destroying life.

Our children are the future and we are tasked with preparing a world for them so that they could build on the good we build and to live rich and fulfilling, happy lives. It is time to take our responsibility seriously. We are here but a short time - let's make that time count.

Visit our website for full details of our movement and how you can contribute.

Your support is greatly appreciated: https://www.gofundme.com/stand4life


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