Our Children


Our children, regardless of their age, deserve the very best we can give them to get the started in this physical life we support them into.


Especially while they are still dependent on us, their parents / grandparents / family members / foster parents, i.e. the guardians in whose charge they are until they reach the age at which they are able to live independently.

Unfortunately, in this age and societal construct, our children are bearing the brunt, in many cases, of severe neglect and abuse.  Not just physical neglect, but mental and emotional neglect.

Yes, there are many, many parents who treasure their children and this age has awakened them to the needs of their children as it relates to their children's education, health and wellness, individual personalities, etc. 


And it is heart warming to watch the many, many parents who are standing up, finally, for their children, against school systems that are detrimental to the extreme on the minds of their children, standing up against state and federal mandates that are forcing their children be overwhelmed with vaccinations that none of the pharmaceutical companies or federal agencies can provide proof to support their "safe and effective" narrative.

Our children are precious human beings who should be treasured, rather than being injected with dosages of toxic chemicals that do NOT take into account body weight or age, nor does it take into account whether the child has any potential of being harmed, severely injured or killed by the injection.


Natural immunity is and will always be the best defense against disease.  In this day and age given that we understand that healthy living, proper hygiene, high standards of public sanitation, etc all contribute to healthier people with robust immune systems.

Yes, there are children born with weakened immune systems and it is a act that all babies are born with their immune STILL DEVELOPING, yet within hours of birth the lethal injection process is started with the full intention of suppressing whatever immunity the child may have and thereafter children are inundated and their immune systems and physical health drowned out with so many toxic concoctions that it is not surprising that here in the United States many children succumb and die from the severe toxicity that overloads their little bodies. 


The children that do not die within the first year of life,  struggle with ear infections, sinus infections, cancer and yes, there are those who live through those first few years and actually grow stronger.  

I believe those children are fortunate to have parents who ensure they receive proper nutrition, are cared for, loved, and not doused with antibiotics, are possibly given minerals and vitamins, in accordance with their age group, to provide more support for their physical health and wellness.  

And when parents, or other guardians truly love and care for their children they also ensure that the children and mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.