ALL Life is Precious.

I Stand 4 Life

I Stand 4 Life .com & I Stand 4 Life .org is a FOR-LIFE, PRO-CHILD, PRO-LIFE movement birthed in defense of and to save and protect our unborn children and to support and provide healthy, happy environments where our children can grow, learn and be protected.  We to take a stand for all children everywhere - born and unborn.

We condemn all abortion-related violence and violence of any and all kinds directed at and against children, including the willful and intentional neglect and abuse of children.  This violence includes but is not limited to the neglect and abuse of babies born alive during failed abortions, the intentional and malicious harm inflicted on children from harmful and untested vaccinations and medications, and the intentional neglect by Child Protection Services to take the necessary action to ensure the safety and protection of children especially once a report has been logged by concerned persons.

We will not associate with groups or individuals who fail to condemn such violence.


Children Are The Future

Our children are the future and we are tasked with preparing a world for them so that they can build on the good we build and to live rich and fulfilling, happy lives.  It is time to take our responsibility seriously.  

We are here but a short time - let's make that time count.

We invite all who uphold the same values,  who value Children and who value LIFE, to join this movement.

To build a movement of millions strong in defense of our children
- born and unborn -
in America and the world and then to continue
until we have an entire world involved in
honoring, supporting, valuing and protecting our children,
and all life.

This website is currently a work in progress and
more information is added on an ongoing basis.

Please support this movement as you are able
with your contribution.**



There are many ways in which you can give.

Contact me for details.

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What We Are About!

Life, ALL Life, is Precious!


I Stand 4 Life makes a stand for those unable to do so for themselves.

This group includes:

  • our unborn children,

  • our born children,

  • animals,

  • plant life, and

  • all things in Mother Nature that have Life.

At this time our primary focus is saving our unborn children

and abolishing abortion as soon as possible.

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What We Do!

As stated on previous pages, I Stand 4 Life was born 2017 and we are still in OUR infancy and as such need a lot of help and support.

Please feel free to visit our Contacts page, leave a Donation if you feel encouraged to donate, and sign up for our newsletter to get updates and news.​

In the Projects listed below we share what we are doing, where we are involved with projects supporting and honoring Life, and which organizations we support.

Our Children -
Born and Unborn:  The Future


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