[vaccines] Opinion piece: Irresponsible Medical Professionals

In this post I share an email I sent to a paediatrician who delivers a podcast series related to "good parenting". I was introduced to the podcast by a friend who now has two small children and she and her husband are doing what they believe is their due diligence to provide their children with the best possible love and care as they raise them. However at the first episode I selected to listen to I made a 180 after reading the description of the episode. The following text is my opinion based on my research. Here is the text of my email: A good friend of mine sent me a link to your podcast on immunization and I must say I looked forward to listening to it however decided to not bother bas

[vaccines] Become Vaccine Educated

Any parent, whether you support vaccines and the current CDC propagated schedules or NOT, it is your dire responsibility to do your OWN due diligence and research the vaccines that are being given to your children. Trust Your Medical Professional? You CANNOT trust that your paediatrician and the health care professionals who you believe have the best interest of your children, your family and loved ones in mind, because I absolutely believe they DO NOT. I believe that many doctors believe the pharmaceutical reps who push the vaccines, and that they believe the CDC and other federal agencies that keep telling us that vaccines are SAFE, are telling the truth and have the SCIENCE to support tha

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