[give life] All Out War On Our Own People?

It is becoming an alarming and known fact that the US population, civilian and military, is becoming one of the sickest (if not the all out sickest) population on the planet. It seems that the intention is that if the population culling is too slow through the practice of abortion then other methods will be implemented, made into laws and thus forced on people who are too lazy too think for themselves and far too quick to sink into the morass of hysteria so popularized by the mainstream media. My question, after watching this documentary, is how much in pocket compensation has the military leaders and Bill Clinton and his administration received for pushing the anthrax vaccine? And how has t

[give life] Child Sacrifice

Mankind has a lot to answer for. ​​​ Children in the womb who are killed through suffocation, dismemberment and other methods of the abortion machine should not be held accountable or responsible for the extreme violence & death culture consciousness that the supposed thinking class of today's society continue to perpetrate. Animal and Plant life that is close to extinction is the responsibility of those who received the gift of life and who are intellectually developed to understand that ALL LIFE is precious! Children, all children, deserve better, way better, than the deal they are given and should never be brushed aside with excuses-the kind of excuses that we think makes us more favorabl

[give life] Child Sacrifice (Ancient Societies)

Today's article: "What made this ancient society sacrifice its own children", published in the National Geographic by author Kristin Romey, brought a host of questions to my mind. It seems this practice has been around for at least as long as we can go back in recorded. In discoveries and recoveries made in our modern era, it seems that it has been much longer than just recorded history. And though people today stand horrified at the thought of what was done to children in ancient societies, we continue the practice with even more fervour today. We have just found seemingly more acceptable language to cover up our crimes against children and have devised many different ways to continue thi

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