[vaccines] Are You Pro or Anti Vaccine?

Most people, in the political and socio economic arena refuse to discuss vaccines. It truly makes me wonder what is hidden underneath the covers of this billion dollar industry? What is it that makes ordinary moms so vehement when it comes to debating the issue of whether to vaccinate or not? When my sons were born in the 1980's and 1990's back in South Africa, they received their vaccinations in accordance with what the local clinic recommended. NOTE: this was in the days of separate vaccines for mumps, measles and chickenpox. Shortly after my second son received his measles shot we went to a coastal town for vacation. The day after we arrived, he became ill. First his fever shot up and

[vaccines] Why?

I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person. And similarly most humans walking the planet today are reasonably intelligent. What I have found though during my years is that there are people with incredibly high IQ's but with not logic, no common sense. And the other side of that coin would be that there are people who may not rank as brilliant but who have indisputable common sense and who can, with research and follow through, arrive at conclusions that high IQ people cannot. Let me share a story - it is said that on a day there was a truck that was driving down a road and attempted to go through a tunnel that was not high enough for the truck to drive through undamaged. As a result t

[vaccines] A Very Real Threat

America is supposedly considered one of the world leaders in the fields of science and medicine. Yet in America it is a statistical fact that we have the highest mortality (death) rates of babies (under one year of age, as well as other age groups) when compared to countries such as: Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Japan. REF: Health System Tracker for the statistical data In America today, it is the new tradition to poison pregnant women and their babies with toxic cocktails administered in the "interest of their health" and the health of American communities. And so we have the highest mortality rate of babies under

[Vaccines] Resources & References

This page is updated on an ongoing basis and includes resources to support you in educating yourself about the Pros & Cons of Vaccinations. Vaccines Revealed a documentary of discussions and interviews with leading professionals in the arena of science, medicine and law. Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies 400 Importnat Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers #VACCINES #DEVELOPMENTALDISORDERS #AUTISM #CDC #CDCLIES #VACCINE #vaccinations

[vaccines] A Government Take-Over?

In H.Res.117 — 114th Congress (2015-2016) The US House of Representatives resolved that: "No credible evidence that vaccines cause life threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults." This is a false and unsupported ruling which ignores ALL THE EVIDENCE and should never have seen the light of day. I wonder whether Adam Schiff, who sponsored this resolution, had done any research on this, and that goes for every one of the representatives who voted in support of this. I also wonder what incentives Adam Schiff may have had to sponsor this? If the US Federal and State governments were to climb out of the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical companies they may actually see the

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