Unborn Babies Have Hearts

In the short video clip below you are introduced to the developed heart of the still very small developing baby. Understand the Truth about Abortion: http://www.abortionno.org/abortion-facts/ http://www.abortionno.org/abortion-articles/ Warning: the following links contain graphic images and video: http://abortioninstruments.com/ http://abortioninstruments.com/abortion_photos.html

How Does Abortion Save The Lives of Women?

The issue in this article has long been on my mind and I was recently reminded of the question in my heart and in my head; a question that only one doctor has so far answered in any way that makes sense to me. One of the most controversial issues [my opinion] raised by pro-abortion activists is that abortion at any point of the pregnancy including late term and/or partial birth abortions, is hailed as critical to the healthcare of, or saving of a woman's life. In late term abortions, due to the size of the baby, surgical abortion is the process of dismembering the living baby, [to my knowledge without anaesthesia] and in most cases crushing the head of the child, to reduce the pieces of the

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