July 5, 2019

In this post I share an email I sent to a paediatrician who delivers a podcast series related to "good parenting".  I was introduced to the podcast by a friend who now has two small children and she and her husband are doing what they believe is their due diligence to...

July 4, 2019

Any parent, whether you support vaccines and the current CDC propagated schedules or NOT, it is your dire responsibility to do your OWN due diligence and research the vaccines that are being given to your children.

Trust Your Medical Professional?

You CANNOT trust that y...

April 30, 2019

The Truth Will Out!!

Over the years since I had my children, and they went through their short series of baby vaccinations, there have been a lot of controversial changes made to the content of vaccinations and the incredible breakthrough that was vaccinations somehow s...

April 25, 2019

We Can Choose To Kill Our Unborn Babies But Cannot Choose Whether To Vaccinate Or Not  ?!! ??

Something is seriously wrong with this picture!  

Vaccines are supposedly designed to save humanity from the viruses, diseases, that are everywhere and so much a part of th...

April 25, 2019

In a recent online article I watched a protest rally funded and organized by a fairly new pro-abortion group whose vision states the following:

"Our" vision is to uphold abortion rights and advance reproductive justice as a matter of human dignity. We introduce a n...

March 9, 2019

It is becoming an alarming and known fact that the US population, civilian and military, is becoming one of the sickest (if not the all out sickest) population on the planet.

It seems that the intention is that if the population culling is too slow through the practice...

March 9, 2019

Mankind has a lot to answer for. ​​​

Children in the womb who are killed through suffocation, dismemberment and other methods of the abortion machine should not be held accountable or responsible for the extreme violence & death culture consciousness that the supposed t...

March 9, 2019

Today's article: "What made this ancient society sacrifice its own children", published in the National Geographic by author Kristin Romey, brought a host of questions to my mind.

It seems this practice has been around for at least as long as we can go back in recorded....

January 20, 2019

In the series of blog posts that starts with this one, on the ingredients contained in vaccines, I will list out the ingredient, which vaccines contain it, what the quantities of the ingredient is in each vaccine and then what the benefits and threats are of these ingr...

January 18, 2019

In this series of posts I take a look at abortion and stands such as pro-choice and pro-life.

Be forewarned >>> you may not like what I write, however I encourage you to read, re-read and then read again, then research the information I share and then post your comments...

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May 14, 2018

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